In the beginning of the 20 th century in the town of Bayat and at the head of the Cetin family Tevfik Efe, as a family tradition they had kept for many centuries, developing the production of olive products, he imagined his olives being tasted throughout all of Anatolia. Tevfik Efe being one of the first enterprisers of olives in West Anatolia, by means of the experience gained over the generations he obtained a special and rich crop inherited from his ancestors inheritance of olive trees.

As a result of his personal efforts, he distilled an unsatisfiable taste of olive oil from an increasing productivitiy with higher quality of purer olives.

Tevfik Efe, by using the means of the horse-cart of that period he managed to carry that wonderful product out of the region of Manisa. In a short time, in the markets of south Mu?la, and in the north, the markets of Balikesir and Bursa became places where the flavour off Olive oil of Tevfik Efe from Soma Bayat weree sought for.

In time, all of the olives of precious value now filtered through the authentie mills, became a sought product throughout the Aegaen.

Since that day, the olive oil product of Tevfik Efe has reached the face of today without losing any of its flavour or purity.

The later generation of the Cetin family has chosen this family inheritance name as Tantalis as part of the Manisa mythology and made it a brand name. With the perspective of ensuring the life of centuries of production of olive oil, the young generation of the Cetin family have chosen to proceed in secure steps with the fine works of the successful representation of Mrs Semra KARA in ensuring the preference of the acknowledgement of the quality and flavour in the most elite areas of the modern day consumer.

Tantalis S?zma who preferes a limited but high quality production philosophy, addresses to those of a curiousity of olive oil taste and flavout of tongue with its magical irresistable taste.